150 years ago, the United States fell into disunity and a Great Civil War.  The War disrupted the entire nation and the altered the lives of the residents.  William Tecumseh Sherman was the first Superintendent of the LOUISIANA STATE SEMINARY OF LEARNING AND MILITARY ACADEMY, which in future years would become Louisiana State Univerisity.

In the 1800s US, soldiers were poorly paid.  Cump Sherman left the military to seek his fortune in private business.  After years of booms, busts and marginal successes, he finally found his calling as an academic.  That career was short lived as war loomed.

JJ Brownyneal is a resident of Indiana with an interest in history, especially the Midwest USA.  The events of 150 years ago loomed large for Indiana.  Indiana had more soldiers per capita serve during the American Civil War  than any other Union state.

General Sherman is of particular interest as a son of the Midwest of his great influence on Midwest History.  His papers are archived in South Bend, Indiana.  Many of his attitudes and writings reflect the feelings of Midwest residents 150 years ago.

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  1. Larry says:

    I got into a discussion regarding Generals Sherman and Sheridan last night and then stumbled upon your blog. This is a brilliant idea. I look forward to reading more of Sherman’s thoughts. Thank you so much for doing this.

  2. I’m from Ohio. My gg-grandfather was in the Company H, 3rd Battalion, Pioneer Brigade at the Battle of Stones River where he was twice wounded. I agree with your thoughts about the Midwestern soldier and their loyalty and practicality. Ohio soldiers joined at the highest rate by percentage of population of any state in the Union. Nearly 320,000 soldiers fought for Union. Cpl. John N. Weeks enlisted in the 19th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. I’ll return to your site often. Well done.

  3. Geoff Hull says:

    My g-g-g grandfather, James Madison Tuttle, was with Grant at Ft. Donelson and Shiloh and Gen. Sherman during the Vicksburg campaign and later the Meridian campaign. He began the war organizing a company from Keosauqua, Iowa, and later became the Colonel of the Second Iowa Volunteers.I appreciate the effort you have put into creating this “blog” for “Cump” Sherman.

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