Tuesday, May 23, 1865

Washington, D.C.

Today, I watched the Army of the Potomac march through the streets of Washington.  By invitation, I was on the reviewing-stand, and witnessed the review of the Army of the Potomac commanded by General Meade in person. The day was beautiful, and the pageant was superb. Washington was full of strangers, who filled the streets in holiday-dress, and every house was decorated with flags. The army marched by divisions in close column around the Capitol, down Pennsylvania Avenue, past the President and cabinet, who occupied a large stand prepared for the occasion, directly in front of the White House. I sat in the stands in front of the White House with General Grant, President Johnson and other dignitaries.

It was a hot windless day as the infantry of George Meade marched by for six hours. The soldiers were faultlessly dressed including white gloves.  After the review, I congratulated General Meade and remarked, “I’m afraid my poor tatterdemalion corp will make a poor appearance tomorrow when contrasted with yours.”

Mrs. Sherman arrived that day accompanied by her father, the Honorable Thomas Ewing, and my eight year old son Tommy.

After the review, I returned to my army to prepare for the review tomorrow.  Late in the evening, the first 3 corps crossed the bridge and bivouacked in the streets.

A reporter asked me for a troop roster. I told him bluntly, “There is no damned printing press with this army.”

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