Thursday, May 18, 1865

SPECIAL ORDERS, Numbers 239. May 18, 1865.

A review, with marching salute, of the Army of the Potomac, the Army of the Tennessee, the Army of Georgia, and General Sheridan’s cavalry will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday, the 23rd and 24th instant. On Tuesday, the 23rd instant, will be reviewed the Army of the Potomac, General Sheridan’s cavalry, and the Ninth Corps, all under the command of Major General George G. Meade, commanding Army of the Potomac. On Wednesday, the 24th instant, will be reviewed the Army of the Tennessee, Major General O. O. Howard commanding, and the Army of Georgia, Major General H. W. Slocum commanding, the whole under the command of Major General W. T. Sherman. The following will be order of march:

The head of column will each day rest on Maryland Avenue at foot of Capitol Hill, moving at precisely 9 a.m., passing around the Capital to Pennsylvania avenue, thence up the avenue to the Aqueduct Bridge, and across to their camp. The troops will be without knapsacks, marching at company front, closed in mass, and at route step, except between Fifteenth street and New York avenue and Seventeenth street, where the cadence step will be observed. Each brigade will be accompanied by six ambulances, passing three abreast.

The reviewing officer will be stationed in front of the President’s house, where provisions will be made for members of the Cabinet, heads of military and civil department, governors of States, members of Congress, and Corps Diplomatique. The Ninth Army Corps, Major-General Parke commanding, will report to Major-General Meade for the review. Major General C. C. Augur, commanding Department of Washington, will have the necessary guards posted in the streets along the route, keeping the street clear of all horsemen and carriages, except those of the proper officers, heads of military or civil departments or Corps Diplomatique, and such other arrangement as are necessary to facilitate the review.
By command of Lieutenant-General Grant:
E. D. TOWNSEND, Assistant Adjutant-General

Major General WILLIAM T. SHERMAN, Commanding Mil. Div. of the Mississippi, Hdqrs. Alexandria, Va.:

The Secretary of War directs that all volunteer organizations of white troops in your command whose terms of service expire between this date and September 30 next, inclusive, be immediately mustered out of service. The musters out will be made with existing regimental and company organizations, and under the regulations promulgated in General Orders, Numbers 94, of the 15th instant, form this office. All men in the aforesaid organizations whose terms of service expire subsequent to October 1, 1865, will be transferred to other organizations from the same State, to veteran regiments when practicable, and when not practicable to regiments having the longest term to serve. It is proper to add that this order will discharge as follows: First. The three years’ regiments that were mustered into service under the call of July 2, 1862, and prior to October 1 of that year. Second. Three-years’ recruits mustered into service for old regiments between the same dates. Third. One year’s men for new and old organizations who entered the service between May 17 and October 1, 1864.

Please acknowledge receipt of this.
THOMAS M. VINCENT, Assistant Adjutant-General

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