Monday, May 8, 1865

Headquarters Military Division of the Mississippi, At Sea, Steamer Russia. Monday May 8, 1865

Dearest Ellen,
We are now approaching Cape Henry and by 9 oclock tonight will be at Old Point, where I expect to Stop an hour or so to communicate with Grant and then go on up to City Point & Petersburg to meet my army. I have been to Savannah, Charleston and Wilmington on business connected with past affairs and now I am free to join my army proper. I have seen the New York papers of April 24 & 28 but don’t mind them much for it is manifest that Some deviltry is on foot. The telegram of Halleck endorsed by Stanton1 is the worst, but its falsity and baseness puts them at my mercy, and in a few days look out for breakers. This cause may delay me east a few days and I will likely accompany my army up to Washington. At all Event from this time forth I can hear from you and write to you. My latest letter is April 11, received at Raleigh. I want you to go right along, attend the Fair, and I will join you wherever you may be as soon as I can leave. We will probably all spend the Summer together at Lancaster.

At Savannah, Charleston, Wilmington, and Morehead City Officers, soldiers, sailors and citizens paid me every sort of honored respect especially my old soldiers, more especially when they heard they were down on me at Washington. Now that war is over how brave and fierce have become the men that thousand dollar bounties, patriotism the appeals of Generals and others would not bring out. How terribly energetic all at once Halleck became to break my truce— cut off “Johnstons Retreat” when he knew Johnston was halted anxious to surrender and was only making excuses to keep his own men from Scattering, a thing I did not want, and a reason I reported to Halleck & Stanton before my “Memorandum” went to Washington. Worst of all his advice that my subordinates Thomas Wilson & Stoneman should not obey my orders. Under my orders, those Generals have done all they ever did in their lives, and it sounds funny to us to have Halleck better my plans & orders. But of all this hereafter. Go along as comfortably as you can. I am not dead yet by a long sight and these matters give me new life for I see the Cause. A Breach must be made between Grant & Sherman, or certain cliques in Washington who have a nice thing are gone up. I am glad Grant came to Raleigh for he saw at a glance the whole thing and went away more than satisfied. But heaven & earth will be moved to Kill us.

Lincolns assassination was not plotted in Richmond, but nearer his Elbow. Washington is as corrupt as Hell, made so by the looseness and extravagance of war. I will avoid it as a pest house. Go to the Fair and I will probably join you at Chicago, we can take the Children home, spend a quiet summer and get ready for the next war that is brewing in another quarter. The Gates of the Press can’t prevail with my old army against me, and in them I put my Faith.
Ever yours,
W. T. Sherman

FORT MONROE, VA., May 8, 1865
Lieutenant General U. S. GRANT, Washington:
Am just arrived. All well with Schofield. Expect to reach City Point to-morrow and receive my orders from you. Did you get my dispatch from Morehead City? Am informed that General Slocum will march from Richmond on the 10th. I expect to join and march with the Right Wing, with which my horses are.
W. T. SHERMAN, Major-General

FORT MONROE, VA., May 8, 1865. 12 midnight
Lieutenant General U. S. GRANT, Washington;
I have full dispatches from Wilson of the 6th. One boat has arrived at Augusta all right. He is after Jeff. Davis, who cannot escape save in disguise. He is reported in Georgia, escorted by about seventy officers as a special body guard and about 3,000 cavalry . Does the Secretary of War’s newspaper order take Wilson from my command or shall I continue to order him? If I have proven incompetent to manage my own command let me know it.
W. T. SHERMAN, Major-General

Richmond, Va., May 8, 1865. 6:55 p.m.
Major General W. T. SHERMAN,
(Care of commanding officer at Fort Monroe).
General Slocum’s army will leave Richmond on the morning of the 10th and General Howard’s will soon follow. Can’t you meet them as they pass through?

When you arrive here come directly to my headquarters. I have a room for you, and will have rooms elsewhere for your staff.
H. W. HALLECK, Major-General, Commanding

FORT MONROE, Va., May 8, 1865. 9 p.m.
General HALLECK,Richmond:
After your dispatch to the Secretary of War of April 26 I cannot have any friendly intercourse with you. I will come to City Point to-morrow and march with my troops, and I prefer we should not meet.
W. T SHERMAN, Major-General

FORT MONROE, VA., May 8, 1865. 12 midnight
Major General J. M. SCHOFIELD, Raleigh:
Have arrived at Fort Monroe, and will go to City Point tomorrow. Telegraph to Wilson to act in all matters according to his own good sense, and in a day or so I will hear from General Grant whether I am to command my own subordinates or not. Halleck invites me to his house in Richmond, but I declined emphatically. Howard and Slocum have have reached Petersburg.
W. T. SHERMAN, Major-General

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