March 31, 1865

Goldsboro N.C. March 31, 1865

Dearest Ellen,
I made a hasty visit to City Point to see General Grant, to confer with him on points of importance and am back before Joe Johnston or the newspapers found out the fact. I was at City Point 20 hours, telegraphed to you, but did not get an answer. The truth is I have hardly time nowadays to write letters, and I know you will make due allowances for the newspapers tell such wonderful tales of “Mr. Sherman’s Company” that you can trace my whereabouts and almost find out what I get for breakfast but in the many Biographical sketches you will hardly recognize me. I don’t recognize myself. I now get bushels of letters and don’t read one in five but let them go to my aids.

As soon as I get the machinery of supply working smooth I will make my official Report of the last campaign and then be off for Virginia. Of course if in the meantime Grant has not disposed of Lee I must try him. Grant’s army was in motion when I left and a day or so will develop Lee’s Strategy that we can make a guess at the future.

John Sherman came with me here and will return tomorrow and I will ask him to write you from Washington. He spoke about investing a part of the Ohio Contribution in a homestead for you and seemed to talk as though you wanted it. I don’t Know yet that the Ohio Subscription has amounted to any thing more than a brag, but if it realize $100,000 I think we can invest the whole in U.S. or State Bonds and use the funds you now have say 15,000 in a house, but you Know how rapidly we change. What today would seem most desirable tomorrow would be a burden. Until the war is over and determines my fate I think you had better get along as you best may, and there will be time Enough to think of a homestead. Like an old Sailor I often dream of a home, a fixture, but of course I Know enough of mankind & womankind to conclude that a single accident would put me in motion again. Still if you want a home in Cincinnati I shall not object. If I live I shall redeem my promise to Minnie to Send her, and Lizzie too to the best school I can find in New York next year. We now have a regular mail via Fortress Monroe, the Norfolk Canal, Newbern & Goldsboro, but by the time you find it out we shall be off again, but you had better write me via Fortress Monroe. I expect to Start April 10. Give my love to the Children.

Yours Ever,
W. T. Sherman

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