Thursday, March 30, 1865

The Bat arrived at New Bern today and I immediately telegraphed Major Dayton:
NEW BERNE, N. C., March 30, 1865.

Major DAYTON, Goldsborough:
Am just back. Will be up tonight. John Sherman and a son of Mr. Stanton are with me. Everything working well.
W. T. SHERMAN, Major-General

Dayton Replied:

Telegram just received. Let me suggest, at the instance of General Slocum, that you have a good train guard. A division of cavalry passed around to the east of us two days since.

NEW BERNE, N. C., March 30, 1865.

General EASTON, Goldsborough:
General McCallum is with me and will be here in an hour. We came from City Point in the naval steamer Bat through Hatteras Inlet, but she broke down ten miles below, and I came up in a small row-boat, and have sent a tug down for the rest. I will be up. I got at Norfolk twenty-five barges of 150 tons, and five tugs. The best we can do will be to bring up to Kinston in barges 3,000 tons of supplies and load up our supply trains there about the 6th of April. In the meantime the railroadcan supply clothing and immediate wants. Make your calculations to have all our men provided and equipped ready to start for our next objective by or before April 10. General Grant’s army is in motion. It started yesterday, and I don’t see how Lee can refuse to accept battle at once. We must be ready as soon as possible. Take a minute account of transportation, so as to divide it out according to effective strength. When we start I want you and Beckwith to move by water to another point on the coast I will designate.

W. T. SHERMAN, Major-General

NEW BERNE, N. C., March 30, 1865

General SCHOFIELD, Goldsborough:
Have just arrived. All well. Have completed arrangements for twenty five additional barges and five tugs. General McCallum, fork railroad department, is with me. We will be up to-night. Telegraph me any news if there be any. General Grant with his whole army marched out of their lines toward Dinwiddie Court-House, and Lee must attack him or the force left intrenched at City Point. Sheridan is on Grant’s left. I saw him and the President, and have a full understanding. Everything seems most favorable. I want to be all ready by April 10. Please send this message to Slocum and Howard. Tell General Slocum the orders were made he asked for. Also your two corps and commanders are as you requested. We must hold on to Kinston until the last moment, and then throw everything round by water to Halifax, Winton, and Norfolk.

W. T. SHERMAN, Major-General

Schofield Replies:

Your dispatch is received. No important news here since you left. All is going on well. Supplies are accumulating quite rapidly.

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