Monday, February 13, 1865

In the morning I again joined the Fifteenth Corps, which crossed the North Edisto by Snilling’s Bridge, and moved straight for Columbia, around the head of Caw-Caw Swamp. I sent orders to all the columns to turn for Columbia. I expect the enemy to concentrate all the men they can from Charleston, Augusta, and even from Virginia. Tonight I am with the Fifteenth Corps, twenty-one miles from Columbia. My aide, Colonel Audenried, picked up a rebel officer on the road, who, supposing him to be of the same service with himself, answered all his questions frankly, and revealed the truth that there is nothing in Columbia except Hampton’s cavalry.

General Blair has destroyed the railroad to where the State road crosses the same, and also the trestle-work a little farther. He encamps at that intersection tonight. He reports that the enemy have not destroyed forage, cotton, &c., on his road. I have directed him to let one division work on the railroad till 12 noon tomorrow, and then follow the other two divisions, which will start in the morning with the train.

Major General JOHN A. LOGAN reports from Crotchpen Swamp Creek:

I arrived here 1:15 p.m. The column is not far behind. My headquarters will be near a church about twelve miles from Orangeburg and thirteen miles from Sandy Run Post-Office, I think, near Big Crotch Swamp, as marked on the map. Captain Reese will reconnoiter and try to strike your column. The enemy is burning forage, cotton, &c., in our front. If he leaves any cotton don’t fail to burn it. I will meet you tomorrow morning at Sandy Run Post-Office, but should you arrive first,, please push a division across Sandy Creek so as to give us possession of the mills if the rebels have not destroyed them. I received your report of operations this morning, and congratulate you heartily on your success.

NORTH EDISTO, February 13, 1865. 7 a.m.
Major-General SHERMAN, Commanding Military Division of the Mississippi:
We secured the bridge last night and have already rebuilt it. We lost fifteen men killed and wounded. Shall move forward to-day about ten miles. Davis is not up. I shall send a party to build the bridge over North Fork for him. Kilpatrick is at Johnson’s the first station east of Aiken. He had skirmish on Saturday in which he lost fifty men. I shall communicate with you tomorrow.
Yours, very respectfully,
H. W. SLOCUM, Major-General

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