Thursday, January 12, 1865

Savannah, Georgia

Secretary Stanton has given me control over the Department of the South:

The limits of the Department of the South are extended so as to embrace the State of North Carolina. The headquarters will remain at Hilton Head. The department will, until further instructions, be subject to the orders and control of Major-General Sherman.

This gives me control of General Foster and the resources I need as I move North through the Carolinas.

A number of civilians were sent to manage Savannah. I was instructed by Mr. Stanton to transfer to Mr. Draper the custom house, post office, and such other public buildings as these civilians needed in the execution of their office, and to cause to be delivered into their custody the captured cotton. This was accomplished by:

Special Field Orders, No. 10.

1. Brevet Brigadier-General Euston, chief-quartermaster, will turn over to Simeon Draper, Esq., agent of the United States Treasury Department, all cotton now in the city of Savannah, prize of war, taking his receipt for the same in gross, and returning for it tothe quartermaster-general. He will also afford Mr. Draper all the facilities in his power in the way of transportation, labor, etc., to enable him to handle the cotton with expedition.

2. General Euston will also turn over to Mr. Draper the custom-house, and such other buildings in the city of Savannah as he may need in the execution of his office.

By order of General W. T. Sherman,
L. M. DAYTON, Aide-de-Camp

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