Friday, January 6, 1865

Savannah, Georgia

General Foster at Hilton Head sends me information:

I have the honor to inclose to you a late Charleston paper, and the report of a deserter from the Third South Carolina Cavalry. It appears that a force of militia, estimated by General Hatch at 5,000 men, is assembling at or near Grahamville. General Hatch estimated the force in his front at 6,000 men. He thinks preparations are in progress by the enemy for evacuating the country near the coast and as far north as the Ashepoo River. Reports from General Schimmelfennig, at Morris Island, state that the enemy on James Island is being re-enforced. I shall send one regiment to General Schimmelfennig at once. The proclamation of the governor of South Carolina and the official orders published in the paper show that the State is girding up her loins for the coming fight. “All persons capable of bearing arms between the ages of sixteen and sixty “is rather trenching on the “cradle and the grave. “

No news of veteran troops to oppose my march. Only the militia and local garrisons that were no match for my army. I intend to move on South Carolina before the opposition has time to oppose me.

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