Saturday, December 24, 1864

HDQRS. MIL. DIV. OF THE MISSISSIPPI, In the Field, Savannah, GA.,
SPECIAL FIELD ORDERS, Numbers 141. December 24, 1864.

I. General Easton, chief quartermaster, is charged with the general responsibility of public property in the city. He will take possession of all cotton and other quartermaster’s stores. He will also assign quarters to officers and troops, and designate such buildings, lots, &c., for public use, and have full control thereof. Officers serving with troops will not be allowed to occupy buildings in the city unless the troops are also doing duty in the city, and corps, division, and brigade quartermasters and commissaries will not be allowed to establish themselves at any depot in the city or elsewhere except upon consultation with the chief quartermaster or chief commissary of subsistence. The occupation and use of buildings or rooms for amusement will be regulated by General Easton, and no private property will be removed from buildings, or made use of, by officers or troops except by consent of him.

II. The chief commissary of subsistence, Colonel Beckwith, will take possession of all subsistence stores and be charged with their distribution, as also the supplying of destitute families, conferring with the mayor of the city as regards the necessities, &c., and army commanders will not make issues directly.

III. Corps commanders will furnish the chief quartermaster 500 men each, in regiments, for guard and fatigue duty. They will also use all effort to supply him with a force of negroes for labor. Recruiting agents are forbidden recruiting negroes for military service, as all are wanted for labor.

IV. The provost-marshal’s department, under the direction of the commanding officer of the post, is charged with the maintenance of good order in the city and the guarding of prisoners, and has nothing to do with property. Passes within the city limits will not be required.

By order of Major General W. T. Sherman:
L. M. DAYTON, Aide-de-Camp


Major-General WHEELER, Confederate Army, Screven’s Ferry, South Carolina:
GENERAL: Yours of this date is received. I will let that lady land, but no more. No provision has been made for the families in Savannah, and many of them will suffer from want. I will not undertake to feed them. I will give notice that all families who wish to leave can do so, and will provide the means of getting them to General Hardee’s headquarters. You need not send in for small parties, and I will not permit any more flags of truce by subordinate commanders.

I am, your obedient servant,
W. T. SHERMAN, Major-General, Commanding.
P. S. – If your pickets fire on our boats, I will clear Savannah and the river of all unfriendly parties.

Saturday, December 24, 1864-12. 30 p. m.

Major General W. T. SHERMAN, U. S. Army, Commanding Army of the Military Division of the Mississippi:
Vessels drawing fifteen feet and under can come up to this place now, entering at Wassaw Sound. The river has been dragged for torpedoes, and none have yet been discovered. The monitor Sangamon, Captain Young, and the Passaic, Captain Fillebrown, are now close beside the work at Turner’s Rocks, and will be at anchor at this place in a few hours. I have my vessel at work sounding and putting up marks for navigation, and will anchor here tonight. I respectfully recommend making this place your present depot for large vessels. A short wharf, 100 feet long, will suffice for vessels of deep draft, and materials for its construction are near at hand.

Respectfully, CHAS. O. BOUTELLE,
Assistant, Coast Survey, Commanding U. S. Steamer Bibb

I have directed Brigadier-General Hazen to at once proceed in the work of dismantling Fort McAllister, and have the guns in readiness to be removed by water. Major-General Foster has promised to send the boats to transport them. The general suggests that, in order to facilitate their loading, they be first got onto flat-boats, from which they can be more readily hoisted aboard a ship. As soon as this is done General Hazen’s command will be withdrawn and assigned a position near the city.

General Geary Issue Orders for the Occupation of Savannah:

GENERAL ORDERS, HDQRS. CITY OF SAVANNAH, GA., Numbers 2. December 24, 1864.

I. For convenience in military government all that portion of the city lying east of Bull street is designated as the eastern district; that lying west of Bull street, as the western district. Colonel William B. Woods, Seventy-sixth Ohio Volunteers, is announced as provost-marshal of the eastern district; his headquarters will be in the U. S. barracks on Bull street. Colonel H. A. Barnum, One hundred and forty-ninth New York Volunteers, is announced as provost-marshal of the western district; his headquarters will be near the corner of Barnard and South Broad streets. All applications for protection of persons and private property, or for redress of grievances, will be made to the provost-marshal of the district or to the nearest officer of the guard.

II. Each regiment on provost duty will have assigned to it definite limits within which to perform guard and patrol duty, and the regimental commanders will be held responsible for the peace and good order of their respective sections. The provost-marshals of districts will number the sections assigned to these regiments.

III. All public and private property will be protected, and whenever necessary for such purpose special guards will be assigned. No private property will be taken or used against the consent of the owners, except upon an order from proper authority.

IV. Officers and others entitled to quarters for private or public use will make application to Brigadier-General Easton, chief quartermaster.

V. All persons within the city who have been in any way connected with the rebel army will report, without delay, to Captain Ira B. Seymour, provost-marshal (office in Exchange Building), and there register their names.

VI. No citizen will be arrested except for misdemeanor, or upon written orders from these headquarters or from a provost-marshal.

VII. The fire department of this city has been represented by the civil authorities as highly efficient. Mr. Casey, acting chief of the fire department, is authorized to continue operations, and will be held responsible for the faithful performance of his duties. All members of the different fire companies will continue subject to his orders, and neglect of duty on their part will be duly punished. In case of fire, the provost-marshal of the district will send immediately strong detachments of guards to preserve order in the vicinity.

VIII. Those persons connected with the water-works and gas-works of the city will continue to perform their duties as usual. The manager of these works will apply to the provost-marshal of the district in which they are located for sufficient guards for the protection of the works, together with the fuel and other material pertaining to them.

IX. All soldiers found within the city limits, absent from their camps without passes from their respective commanders, will be arrested and sent to their commands.

X. Captain Silas Spicer is announced as harbor master of this port, and is invested with full authority for the transaction of business in his department. Office, on Bay, opposite Dayton street.

XI. Citizens desirous of leaving the city to go within the rebel lines will make application at these headquarters. They will be transported to our exterior picket-line.

XII. Citizens destitute of provisions can make application at the city store, where they will be supplied upon the order of Doctor Arnold, mayor of the city.

XIII. Tattoo will be beaten throughout the city at 8 p.m.; taps at 9. After taps all enlisted men found on the streets who are not on duty, and who have not proper passes, will be arrested by the patrol. Suspicious or disorderly characters will also be arrested after that hour. Care must be taken in carrying out this order not to make improper arrests of citizens who may be attending to their lawful business in an orderly manner.

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