Wednesday, December 21, 1864

On Board The Harvest Moon, Wassaw Sound, Near Savannah, Georgia

On my return from General Foster’s Headquaters at Hilton Head, strong winds and rough seas delayed my return. We proceeded through the inland channels into Wassaw Sound, and thence through Romney Marsh. But the ebb tide caught the Harvest Moon and she was stuck in the mud. After laboring some time, the admiral ordered out his barge; in it we pulled through this intricate and shallow channel, and toward evening we discovered, coming toward us, a tug, called the Red Legs, belonging to the Quarter-master’s Department, with a staff-officer on board, bearing letters from Captain Dayton:


DEAR GENERAL: I have sent you two dispatches via Fort McAllister in hopes of reaching you. General Slocum reports enemy gone from his front and he has got eight guns-this report at 4 a. m. He is also gone from this front and General Howard reports Leggett near the city, and no enemy. General Woods also got six guns. General Slocum is moving and General Howard the same and I have no doubt both are in Savannah now. I will ride with General Howard, at his request, and leave our camp until the matter is more definite and you make orders.

I am, General, &c.,
L. M. DAYTON, Aide-de-Camp

Admiral Dahlgren proceeded up the Vernon River in his barge, while I transferred to the tug, to go to Fort McAllister.

I sent a message to Foster to inquire about the force sent to block Hardee’s retreat on the causeway. I am anxious to hear the full events.

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