Saturday, December 3, 1864

Millen, Georgia

I will pause here one day with Blair’s Seventeenth Corps to communicate with all parts of the army. General Howard is south of the Ogeechee River, with the Fifteenth Corps, opposite Scarboro’. General Slocum is at Buckhead Church, four miles north of Millen, with the Twentieth Corps. The Fourteenth (General Davis) is at Lumpkin’s Station, on the Augusta road, about ten miles north of Millen, and the cavalry division is within easy support of this wing. Thus the whole army is in good position and in good condition. We have largely subsisted on the country; our wagons are full of forage and provisions.

I write to Howard:
I have no objection to your sending expeditions out to break small portions of the railroad, which might be done by small parties going down in boats and landing. This will prevent the enemy getting supplies into Savannah, which is very desirable. In tapping the wire here we learned that Bragg was to leave Augusta in this direction on the 2nd, with 10,000 men, to be followed by part of Wade Hampton’s cavalry. Bragg will be likely to attack in rear if he can.


In the Field, Millen, GA., December 3, 1864.

Major-General SLOCUM, Commanding Left Wing, &c.:
Concentrate your command at or near Buck Head Church, prepared to move toward Savannah by two or more roads, dressing to the right on General Blair, who will move by the railroad. Look to your rear toward Augusta. Kilpatrick will be with you. I await your coming at Millen.

General Blair is moving along the railroad, destroying it, and will be near Paramore’s Hill tonight. No communications have been received from you for two or more days with no report of your progress. Send me your present position, viz, of the Fourteenth and Twentieth Corps, and also of General Kilpatrick, and any other information or news you may have that will be of interest.

Respectfully, &c.,
W. T. SHERMAN, Major-General

Slocum Reports:

Four Miles from Millen, on the Augusta Railroad, December 3, 1864. 10 a. m.

Major General W. T. SHERMAN, General-in-Chief:
Your cipher dispatches of 3 p. m. and 12 midnight yesterday were received at Buck Head Church during last night. The Twentieth Corps and two divisions of the Fourteenth Corps camped last night near Buck Head Church. The Twentieth Corps marched at 6 a. m., and are moving on the old Savannah road, which passes just north of Hunter’s Mills. The corps will probably encamp on Horse Creek tonight. The two divisions of the Fourteenth Corps that were camped with the Twentieth last night will march today on a road north of this, leading through Sylvania to Halley’s Ferry. One division of the Fourteenth Corps and Kilpatrick’s cavalry took the road from Louisville to Waynesborough, with instructions to strike across from where that road crosses Rocky Creek to Alexander, and move on the road to Jacksonborough; that is the only column that has met with any opposition from the enemy, and the opposition with them has been but slight. I shall entirely destroy four or five miles of the Augusta railroad. We have found forage and subsistence abundant, and the command is in fine condition and spirits.

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