Thursday, December 1, 1864

On the March to Millen, Georgia

I am traveling with Blairs Corp. We are marching along north of the Ogeechee River toward Millen. We continue to destroy the railroad as we march about 10 miles a day. Howard sent papers that have confused reports as to our whereabouts. Good. The army is moving and destroying railroad.

HDQRS. DEPARTMENT AND ARMY OF THE TENNESSEE, Kent’s Farm, opposite Station 8, December 1, 1864.

Major General W. T. SHERMAN, Commanding Military Division of the Mississippi:

I have just returned to camp from Station 13. We have here a good plank road from our Savannah road to the river. About twenty-four feet of planking and stringers were removed from the bridge. We now have a good foot bridge, and will soon have repairs made so as to throw over cavalry and artillery, as well as infantry, if there should be need.

On the arrival of a company of the Twenty-seventh Missouri about forty mounted rebels departed in haste. I had the depot, a large quantity of lumber, ties, &c., and portions of the railroad track destroyed. I have directed General Blair to continue along the railroad, destroying it as he goes, and directed General Osterhaus to move opposite Numbers 7 tomorrow. I am a little in the dark as to your intention. Please inform me as far as you can consistently, that I may conform to your wishes as to the length of march, &c.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,
O. O. HOWARD, Major-General


In the Field, Numbers 9, GA., December 1, 1864.

Major-General HOWARD, Commanding Army of the Tennessee:

Yours of this date from opposite Numbers 8 is to hand, which I acknowledge by direction of the General-in-chief. He has read your orders to General Blair, and says all right. He does not wish you to move tomorrow further than abreast of Numbers 7. General Slocum is now about abreast of us here, and tomorrow all will reach the vicinity of Buck Head Church, where there will be some delay to us while Slocum is swinging around, and you may calculate on staying at Numbers 7 a day or two for us to get up even. At present Wheeler is very active, and Kilpatrick is operating in connection with General Slocum. You will make disposition to cross at Numbers 7, but whether it will be necessary to do so will depend on the dispositions of the enemy.
I am, General, yours,
L. M. DAYTON, Aide-de-Camp.

HDQRS. DEPARTMENT AND ARMY OF THE TENNESSEE, Kent’s Farm, opp. Station 8, GA., December 1, 1864. 10:30 p. m.
Major General W. T. SHERMAN, Commanding Military Div. of the Mississippi:

Two of my scouts just returned from Millen; find no force there except a small number of the enemy’s cavalry. From depot to Millen just four miles; considerable trestle-work along the road. A plank road runs parallel with and near the railroad a part of the way, and then bends off a mile and a half. Scouts heard that some of the planking had been taken up, and the gap defended by rebel cavalry. A train of cars came into Millen from direction of Savannah while the scouts were near by, apparently with great caution, and soon returned in the direction from which it came.
O. O. HOWARD, Major-General

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