Sunday November 27, 1864

Sandersville, Georgia

This morning, we fired artillery into the courthouse destroying its structure and set it to the torch. The fire spread to some nearby houses and my men aided in putting out the flames.

I ordered General Slocum to tear up and destroy the Georgia Central Railroad, from Station 13 (Tennille) to Station 10, near the crossing of Ogeechee, one of his corps substantially following the railroad, the other by way of Louisville, in support of Kilpatrick’s cavalry.

I rode down to the Tennille Station, and found General Corse’s division of the Fifteenth Corps engaged in destroying the railroad, and saw the well which my negro informant had seen “burnt.” It was a square pit about twenty-five feet deep, boarded up, with wooden steps leading to the bottom, wherein was a fine copper pump, to lift the water to a tank above. The soldiers had broken up the pump, heaved in the steps and lining, and set fire to the mass of lumber in the bottom of the well, which corroborated the negro’s description.

HDQRS. MILITARY DIVISION OF THE MISSISSIPPI, In the Field, Tennille Station, GA., November 27, 1864-10:15 a.m.

Major General O. O. HOWARD, Commanding Army of the Tennessee:

GENERAL: The general commanding is now at this point, and has put in motion two divisions of the Fourteenth Corps, without wagons, from Sandersville, by Fenn’s Bridge, to Louisville. The Twentieth Corps, with all the train of the Left Wing, will move to Louisville by the road passing through Davisborough. He wishes you to move your two corps eastward on the two roads, starting from Irwin’s Cross-Roads, as follows: The right column, crossing Ohoopee River, straight for Johnson; thence along the main Savannah road to the point where it intersects the road from Swainsborough, through Canoochee, Bark Camp, and Rocky Creek Church, to Waynesborough. At that point the commanding officer should have instructions to turn toward Station Numbers 9, in the absence of other orders. The left column to take the road from Irwin’s Cross-Roads direct toward Louisville until it intersects the road from Sandersville next south of the railroad, and south of Williamson’s Swamp Creek, until abreast of Station Numbers 10 (or Sebastopol), where it is probable we will cross the Ogeechee. The general proposes to attend this latter column himself.

Please renew your instructions to the detail breaking up the railroad from Oconee to Tennille not to be in too great a hurry, but to do their work well. From this point it can join its proper corps on either of the above-named routes. The general finds it difficult to get information of roads, but those described exist on all our maps.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,
HENRY HITCHCOCK, Major and Assistant Adjutant-General.

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