Wednesday, November 9, 1864

Kingston, Georgia


Headquarters, Military Division of the Mississippi. In the Field, Kingston Geo.,November 9,1864

Dear Minnie and Lizzie
I got Uncle Charley to write you a letter today because my arm pains me so much if I attempt to write on a table. I have caught Cold in it by sleeping on the ground. I hate to confess to Rheumatism or Neuralgia, but it is one or the other, but by putting a book on my Knee I can write with less pain. I did not get your letters sent by the Priest Father Crory till tonight. I was so glad to hear you were not homesick, but so very happy at school that I determined to write you a short letter although every motion of my hand was as painful as a toothache.

It is now raining but as soon as the storm clears up I am going to make another campaign that I hope will prove as successful as that of Atlanta. After it is over I will try to come & see you. I want to See you very much, indeed I cannot Say how much, and then I can tell you all about the things of which you hear so much but Can Know so little. War is something about which you should not concern yourself. I am now fighting that you may live in peace. I am not fighting for myself but for you and the little children, who have more to live than us older People. If I do lose my life I Know there will be some people still living who will take care of you.

Mama tells me the baby is quite sick, and she is afraid he will not get well. I hope that he will live long and take poor Willy’s place in our Love. Mama also tells me how smart Elly & Rachel are, but I am like Lizzie and wonder why they ain’t smart when we are at home. You may not hear of me for some time but I will turn up if alive. Give my love to Sister Angela, to Aunt Mary 8c all our little Cousins, and believe me always thinking of you, no matter how great the danger.

Your father,
W. T. Sherman

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