Monday, October 31, 1864

HDQRS. MILITARY DIVISION OF THE MISSISSIPPI, In the Field, Rome, Ga., October 31, 1864.
General EASTON, Atlanta, Ga.:
Make arrangements to move the Twenty-Third Corps, General Schofield’s, from Resaca to Nashville in cars empty.
W.T. SHERMAN, Major-General

I want to prepare to leave Atlanta as soon as possible.

ATLANTA, October 31, 1864.
Major-General SHERMAN:
Your dispatch received. It will take more than one-half the available cars between here and Chattanooga to move the Twenty- Third Corps. The removal of stores to the rear will have to stop in a great measures. The railroad has been open but two days. Much has been done, but there is still more to do than can be done in seven days, with the usual rate of accidents. If the Twenty-Third Corps move by cars it will take eleven days to complete everything. We still require some hundreds of cars of stores to complete your supplies and outfit. Under the circumstances, shall cars be sent at once to move the Twenty-Third Corps? Answer.

HDQRS. MILITARY DIVISION OF THE MISSISSIPPI, In the Field, Rome, Ga., October 31, 1864.
General EASTON, Chief Quartermaster, Atlanta, Ga.:
Your telegram received. All must move in four of five days. What supplies can’t be got we must do without, and what material can’t be moved will be destroyed. Cars should be sent General Schofield from the north. Will draw clothing at Atlanta.
W. T. SHERMAN, Major-General.

HDQRS. MILITARY DIVISION OF THE MISSISSIPPI, In the Field, Rome, Ga., October 31, 1864.
General EASTON, Atlanta, Ga.:
It is important that you give all force possible to the preparations for the move as directed, as it may be that we depart before you can complete them, even with the greatest haste. The general desires great activity both from you and Colonel Beckwith.
L. M. DAYTON, Aide-de-Camp.

HDQRS. MILITARY DIVISION OF THE MISSISSIPPI, In the Field, Rome, Ga., October 31, 1864.
Colonel BECKWITH, Atlanta, Ga.:
Push the matters of preparations as much as possible; it may become necessary to move before they are completed.
L. M. DAYTON, Aide-de-Camp.

HDQRS. MILITARY DIVISION OF THE MISSISSIPPI, In the Field, Rome, Ga., October 31, 1864.
General ROSECRANS, Warrensburg, Mo.:
General Thompson, in Tennessee, will want those troops as soon as possible. Winslow’s cavalry will be also needed at Memphis far more than in Missouri, where guerrillas should be looked after by the people themselves. We cannot afford to maintain armies to protect people against guerrillas. I want Winslow at Memphis as soon as possible, to operate against the flank of the enemy’s communications.
W. T. SHERMAN, Major-General.

WARRENSBURG, MO., October 31, 1864. 9:30 p.m.
Major General W. T. SHERMAN, Rome, Ga.:
Smith’s troops will be forwarded as soon as possible, but in will take them five days to reach the Missouri River, and at least five more to reach the Mississippi. Winslow’s cavalry are in pursuit of Price, near the southwest corner of the State, and will be dismounted; horses worn out. Ask General Halleck to order the Cavalry Bureau to provide a remount at Saint Louis.

The reason why it takes so much time to go from the Missouri River to the Mississippi River is that the river is so low that the troops have to be disembarked at nearly every shoal and march around them. For example, a very light-draft boat, loaded with commissary stores, took two days and a half to come from Hermann to Jefferson City.
W. S. ROSECRANS, Major-General

NASHVILLE, TENN., October 31, 1864. 9:30 a.m.
Major General W. T. SHERMAN, Rome, Ga.:
General Croxton reports that the enemy has crossed the Tennessee River four miles above Florence. He reports also that he was unable to prevent the enemy crossing, but will resist their farther progress as long as possible. I have ordered General Hatch to move to Lawrenceburg, between Hood and Columbia, and to co-operate with General Croxton in resisting the enemy’s progress. I have also ordered Stanley’s corps to Pulaski to hold that place. Can you send me Schofield to take post at Columbia at once? I make this application because the force at Chattanooga is not sufficiently large or well organized to do more than defend that place.
GEO. H. THOMAS, Major-General, Commanding

ROME, GA., October 31, 1864-1. 30 p. m.
Major-General THOMAS:
You must unite all your men into one army and abandon all minor points if you expect to defeat Hood. He will not attack posts, but will march around them. General Schofield is marching today from here to Resaca, where he will report to you for orders. His advance will be at Resaca tonight.
W. T. SHERMAN, Major-General.

NASHVILLE, Tennessee
Have telegraphed General Rosecrans at Saint Louis, and also to commanding officer at Paducah, but can hear nothing from them. Now that Hood has undoubtedly crossed the river I think it important that General Schofield should be sent to Columbia as soon as possible, as I have no certainty of getting any other troops. There are still six regiments due from the North. If you approve this, please order General Schofield to proceed at once by rail to Columbia.

I am endeavoring to concentrate my troops as much as possible and trying to place them at Pulaski, Decatur being held by Granger’s forces, and shall therefore order Schofield to come with all his corps, except one brigade, by rail, as rapidly as possible. I am sure Stanley’s force will not be large enough to drive Hood’s whole army back, as he has a large cavalry force. I can hear nothing of the troops from Missouri, and cannot, therefore, rely upon their reaching me. Neither can I hear anything of the balance of the new regiments expected. I consider it absolutely necessary for General Schofield to come. There is no doubt but there is a larger force of the enemy in west Tennessee and now crossing the Tennessee near Florence.
I learn by telegraph from Johnsonville that one gun-boat and five transports were captured last night below Johnsonville, and the commanding officer at Johnsonville expects to be attacked daily, and I have no troops to re-enforce him unless the Missouri troops should accidentally get there in time to do so. The water in the Tennessee River having fallen very low the enemy was enabled to cross at three or four points in spite of Croxton’s efforts to prevent them. If General Hatch does not disregard my orders for him to halt at Pulaski he and Croxton, with Stanley, may be able to hold Hood at Pulaski until General Schofield can get up.
GEO. H. THOMAS, Major-General, U. S. Volunteers, Commanding

HDQRS. MILITARY DIVISION OF THE MISSISSIPPI, In the Field, Rome, Ga., October 31, 1864.
Major-General THOMAS, Nashville, Tenn.:
General Easton is ordered to send by cars General Schofield’s whole corps to you at any point you may indicate. General Schofield’s head of column should now be at Resaca. I have also ordered General Wilson, with 3,000 armed dismounted cavalry, to Resaca to proceed to Nashville for remount. They will join you as soon as possible. Bear in mind my instructions as to concentration and not let Hood catch you in detail.

If you expect Schofield you must order more activity of the trains.
W. T. SHERMAN, Major-General.

HEADQUARTERS DISTRICT OF THE ETOWAH, Chattanooga, October 31, 1864.
Major-General SHERMAN:
The following just received from Decatur, 1145 a. m., this date:
Reliable information has been received that Wheeler, with his force, is between Somerville and this place; his advance is now within sight of our pickets.

General Granger telegraphs from Decatur at 4:30 this p.m. that couriers report enemy’s cavalry at 12 m. today on west side of Elk River at ford on Athens and Florence road; that enemy made his appearance opposite Brown’s Ferry at 9 this a.m. and attacked our pickets. General Croxton reports that the enemy has crossed at Bainbridge and captured small portion of Second Michigan and Eighth Iowa Cavalry. The cannonading last night was at that place. They are reported crossing in force at Shoal Creek and pressing General Croxton back.
JAS. B. STEEDMAN, Major-General

HDQRS. MILITARY DIVISION OF THE MISSISSIPPI, In the Field, Rome, Ga., October 31, 1864.
General STEEDMAN, Chattanooga, Tenn.:
Allow nothing to come to the front but such supplies as General Easton orders transportation for. Tell Mr. Anderson he must work smart or he will lose all his trains south of Chattanooga; notify Mr. Taylor also.
W. T. SHERMAN, Major-General

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