Monday, September 26, 1864

Atlanta, Georgia

The enemy is lying about the treatment of citizens of Atlanta to sow dissent among the people of the north. I write to Tyler:

TYLER, Louisville:
Your press dispatches of 21st embrace one from Macon, of the 14th, announcing the arrival of the first train of refugees from Atlanta, with the addition that they were robbed of everything before being sent into the rebel lines. Of course that is false, and it is idle to correct it so far as rebels are concerned, for they purposely use falsehood to create a mischievous public opinion. The truth is, during the truce 446 families were moved south, making 705 adults, 867 children, and 79 servants, with 1,651 parcels of furniture and household goods, of all of which I have a perfect record by name and article. At the end of the truce, Colonel Warner, of my staff, who had a general supervision of the business, received from Major Clare, of General Hood’s staff, the following letter:

ROUGH AND READY, September 21, 1864
Colonel WILLARD WARNER, General Sherman’s Staff:
COLONEL: Our official connection is about to cease. You will permit me to bear testimony to the uniform courtesy you have shown on all occasions to me and my people, and the promptness with which you have corrected all irregularities arising in our intercourse. Hoping at some future time to be able to reciprocate your courtesy, and in many instances your positive kindness,

I am, with respect, your obedient servant,
WM. CLARE, Major and Assistant Adjutant-General, General Hood’s Staff

I would not notice this, but I know that the people of the North, liable to be misled by falsehood connived for a special purpose by a desperate enemy, will be relieved by the assurance that not only care, but real kindness, has been extended to families who lost their homes by the acts of their male protectors.
W. T. SHERMAN, Major-General, Commanding

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