Sunday, September 25, 1864

ATLANTA, GA., September 25, 1864: 6:30 p.m.

Major General H. W. HALLECK, Chief of Staff:
Hood seems to be moving, as it were, to the Alabama line, leaving open to me the road to Macon, as also to Augusta; but his cavalry is busy on our roads. A force (number estimated as high as 8,000) is reported to have captured Athens, Alabama as also a regiment of 350 sent to their relief. I have sent Newton’s DIVISION up to Chattanooga in cars, and will send another DIVISION to Rome. If I were sure that Savannah would soon be in our possession I would be tempted to make for Milledgeville and Augusta; but I must secure what I have. Jeff. Davis is at Macon.
W. T. SHERMAN, Major-General

The commanders in my rear are struggling to get troops in place to meet the raids by Forrest and others.

Rousseau Writes:

I have relieved General Starkweather and directed the senior officer there to assume command. I will go down myself with what force I can get here as soon as troops can be gotten ready and on the train. I have nothing from which I can re-enforce the troops at Pulaski, except detachments of cavalry furnished by Brigadier- General Johnson. I have heard nothing from General Granger since my dispatch of last night to Major Hoffman.

RW Johnson reports from Nashville:

I have a brigade to-night nine miles south of Columbia, and one is now en route by rail to Pulaski. This force will be in Pulaski by daylight. I will take command of all the cavalry against Forrest. I leave a staff officer here to transact my business. He is competent; of odds and ends he will do all well.

Brigadier General Corse, commanding Fourth DIVISION, Fifteenth Army Corps, will proceed with his command to Atlanta, Ga., tomorrow, the 26th, in time to take the evening train to Rome, Ga. On reaching Rome he will unite his division and be prepared to act against any force that may attempt to threaten Bridgeport from the direction of Gadsden.

CARTERSVILLE, September 25, 1864. Major-General SHERMAN:
I received this morning intelligence that Nashville is threatened by Forrest. Ordered two regiments from Chattanooga to Stevenson, to report from there to General Granger. I intend to run up to Chattanooga as soon as train arrives. I am not aware of the force that captured the train last night.
JNO E. SMITH, Brigadier-General.

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