Monday August, 22, 1864

NEAR ATLANTA, GEORGIA, August 22, 1864: 10 p.m.

Major General H. W. HALLECK, Washington, D. C.:
General Kilpatrick is back. He had pretty hard fighting with a division of infantry and three brigades of cavalry. He broke the cavalry into disorder and captured a battery, which he destroyed, except one gun, which he brought in in addition to all his own. He also brought in 3 captured flags and 70 prisoners. He had possession of a large part of Ross’ brigade, but could not encumber himself with them. He destroyed 3 miles of the road about Jonesborough, and broke pieces for about 10 miles more, enough to disable the road for ten days. I expect I will have to swing across to that road in force to make the matter certain. General Kilpatrick destroyed 2 locomotives and trains. It has been very quiet with us here. Wheeler is about Athens, Tennessee, and General Steedman will move out against him from Chattanooga.
W. T. SHERMAN, Major-General.

I wrote General Steedman regarding Wheeler’s cavalry.
I have your dispatch today relative to attacking Wheeler. I am at General Thomas’ now, and he will see and approve this dispatch. If you have force sufficient send word to Loudon and Knoxville, by the west bank and most rapid way, stating the time and manner of your movement; then concentrate your command at Charleston; send a detachment rapidly up to Columbus to intrench there and picket the river fords. With the balance of your command move rapidly toward Tellico, and there turn on Wheeler, trying to break up his command into fragments, and capture his wagons, artillery, plunder, and all you can. If another plan suggests itself to you I don’t hold you to mine, but give it, as I have been up to that country.

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