Friday, August 19, 1864

In the Field, near Atlanta, August 19, 1864: 10.45 a. m.

General GRANT, City Point:
I have your two dispatches of 14th and 16th, also that of 18th. I will never take a step backward, and have no fears of Hood. I can whip him outside of his trenches, and think in time I can compel him to come out. I think at this moment I have a fine cavalry force on the only road which can feed him, and if necessary will swing my whole army across it also.
Major-General, Commanding

I telegraph General H. W. HALLECK, Washington:
I have Secretary Stanton’s dispatch announcing the promotion of Colonel Long, a hard-working and worthy cavalry officer. We have made heavy demonstrations all day, especially on our flanks, to hold the enemy while our cavalry is out after the Macon road. I hope this time the work will be better done than before. We control all other railroads. General Dodge received a ball wound in his forehead, but it is pronounced not serious. All well.
W. T. SHERMAN, Major-General, Commanding

I have alerted Nashville and other points in our rear to watch for attacks by Wheeler’s cavalry.

General Kilpatrick is off to the southwest to destroy the railroad that supplies the enemy. The infantry here has been making demonstrations all day and will continue into tomorrow to distract attention from the raid. Smoke from a large fire was seen at 5 pm to the south. That may be a sign of Kilpatrick’s success at destroying the railroad or buildings. Last night Kilpatrick reported a brigade in his front that was retreating. He expected to reach the railroad today. If successful, we will watch for the enemy leaving Atlanta.

We have observed two trains heading south with loads of men and returning empty. The enemy may be trying to move troops to stop Kilpatrick.

General Dodge has been hit in the head by a ball. It is not serious but he will go to the rear. He will be missed. He has accomplished much with his engineering and his network of spies.

General Johnson has asked to be reassigned. He will go to Nashville to be charged with reequipping cavalry. I want Jeff C Davis to replace him. We need an aggressive commander.

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