Wednesday, July 27, 1864

Near Atlanta, Georgia

I wrote to reassure General Logan:

Headquarters, Military Division of the Mississippi,
In the Field, near Atlanta, July 27, 1864

To General John. A. Logan

Dear General,
Take a good rest. I know you are worn out with mental & physical work. No one could have a higher appreciation of the responsibility then devolved on you so unexpectedly and the noble manner in which you met it. I fear you will feel disappointed at not succeeding permanently to the command of the Army & Department. I assure you in giving preference to General Howard I will not fail to give you every credit for having done so well. You have Command of a good Corps, a command that I would prefer to the more complicated one of a Department, and if you will be patient it will come to you soon Enough. Be assured of my Entire Confidence!

After you have rested come down to Davis’ position and then thence to the new position of your Corps. Assume command of it and things will move along harmoniously & well. If I can do anything to mark my full sense of the honourable manner in which you acted in the Battle & since, name it to me frankly and I will do it. General Howard & I will go off to the Right to Survey the New Field and prepare the way for the troops.

Your friend,
W. T. Sherman
Maj. Genl.

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