Wednesday, July 13, 1864

Head-Quarters, Military Division of the Mississippi,In the Field, Chattahoochee,
July 13, 1864.

Dearest Ellen,
I have not written as often as you should expect in the midst of the incessant war in which I have been engaged for the past two months. I have not heard a word from you since the birth of our son and only two short telegrams from Phil. I have telegraphed since & elicited no reply. Charley does not hear from Lancaster either, but today I heard from Sis at Chauncey and she said you were doing well at last accounts. Still I supposed you must be dangerously ill, or that your letters miscarried, but today Ellen Lynch’s letter came addressed in your hand & postmarked July 6. You should write occasionally or make Lizzie write or Minnie who must now be at home, or get some one, for I should not be kept uneasy about you, when my mind is kept on such a stretch by the circumstances that surround me.

I believe I have conducted this campaign as skilfully as possible, and when understood in all its details it will attract the notice of Military Judges. Still, much remains and I may be all the year. I do not pretend to See the End of this War, though I am far down in the very heart of the Enemy’s Country.

You will hear less of us hereafter. I have asked Mr. Stanton not to publish my daily dispatches because they give a clue to the Enemy and I prefer silence. It is an Element of Power. I wrote a long letter to Phil which will explain our position. In a few days, I will cross the Chattahoochee, and then will come the Real Struggle. I know we will whip Johnston in anything like a fair fight, but being on the defensive he can take great advantage of Forts, field works and the nature of the ground which naturally favors him. But we have overcome all obstacles thus far, and trust we can continue to do so, though it involves time.

My army is as strong as the day we left Chattanooga and full of confidence. Weather is very hot, but we have plenty of water and the Country is mountainous and healthy. I am in very good condition, and my horses are all well, which is important.

Give my love to all the folks and have Minnie, Lizzie & Tom write to me. Describe the young one.

Yours Ever,
W.T. Sherman

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