Wednesday, July 13, 1864


Head-Quarters, Military Division of the Mississippi,
In the Field, near Chattahoochee, July 13,1864

Dear Hugh,
I received yours of June 30, a few days ago, and assure you of my thanks at its kindly tone. I feel uneasy about matters at home. I cannot hear, a full month is now past since my last dispatch saying that Ellen was better, but had been quite ill. I have written as often as I could, and telegraphed several times without eliciting a reply. I should not thus be kept uneasy whilst charged with so high responsibilities.

Much of this campaign has been strategy. I have brought this army to the Banks of the Chattahoochee 130 miles from Chattanooga, and no part of it has been a day without ample supplies of food, ammunition, clothing, all that is essential. We have defeated Johnston entrenched at Dalton Resacca, Cassville, Alatoona, Dallas Kennesaw, Surgeons Camp & the Chattahoochee, all natural features and strengthened by the labor of large masses of negros & militia as also by the Army of Johnston well commanded & in good discipline. I have had a superior force of course, but this has been fully neutralized by artificial works and the necessity of my guarding against real & supposed Danger to my Rear. I have also secured already without the loss of a man three good crossings of the Chattahoochee though the River had been regarded for years as a natural barrier and all points defended in advance by Earthworks & guarded by militia. I only await the Return of some Cavalry sent down the Chattahoochee to cross the whole army & advance against Atlanta. Atlanta is in plain view only 9 miles distant but as a siege cannot be attempted at this distance from my Base, I will make a circuit and operate against its communications. Weather is very hot, but the country is mountainous well watered & healthy.

I ought probably in justice to the subject pay more attention to the Record as we progress, but I want to attain the Result: before Entering on the official narrative so that thus far I have merely made daily telegrams short & not descriptive, but I hope ere long to make such a Report as will make the Campaign take its place side by side with the one of Knoxville, & indeed of some of the Old World. Officers & men evince the utmost Confidence, only they prefer Strategy to fighting, whereas they must go hand in hand.

Give my love to Henrietta & if you ever hear from home tell me some news. Probably they account me dead & disposed of. Charley is well, though he did have a severe cholera morbus a few nights since from indulging the rare luxury of sanitary onions.

Your affectionate Brother,
W. T. Sherman, Major General

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