Tuesday, June 28, 1864

Near Kenesaw Mountain
I hear from Halleck that Grant and Lee are at a standstill and that Lee cannot expand his army due to lack of supplies.

WASHINGTON, June 28, 1864: 3.30 p. m.

Major- General Sherman, Georgia:

Lieutenant- General Grant directs me to say that the movements of your army may be made entirely independent of any desire to retain Johnston’s forces where they are. He does not think that Lee will bring any additional troops to Richmond, on account of the difficulty of feeding them.

H. W. HALLECK, Major- General and Chief of Staff.

I wrote to Nashville:

In the Field, near Kenesaw, June 28, 1864

General WEBSTER, Nashville:

In our assaults made yesterday, General Harker, a very gallant young brigadier, was mortally wounded, and died last night. Tell Mrs. Brown. Colonel Dan. McCook is dangerously wounded. We have constant fighting along lines for ten miles, and either party that attacks gets the worst of it. I will persevere, and think I can find a soft place. At all events, we can stand it as long as they. Johnston will not come out of is parapets, and it is difficult to turn his position without abandoning our railroad.

W. T. SHERMAN, Major- General, Commanding.

I rode over to Thomas to discuss a move around Johnston’s left flank. I sent Captain Poe, my engineer to Schofield’s position to study the left flank. I will go there myself after I consult with Thomas. I want McPherson to prepare to abandon his position and prepare to move our right flank, or if an opening exists on our left to move east and effect a crossing of the river.

The enemy is making an effort to destroy the railroads in our rear. So far he has not interrupted our supplies.

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