Monday, June 13, 1864

BIG SHANTY, Georgia, June 13, 1864: 9 p. m.

Major General H. W. HALLECK, Washington, D. C.:

We have had hard and cold rains for about ten days. A gleam of sunshine this evening gives hopes of a change. The roads are insufficient here, and the fields and new ground are simply impassable to wheels. As soon as possible I will study Johnston’s position on the Kenesaw and Lost Mountains, and adopt some plan to dislodge him or draw him out of his position. We cannot risk the heavy losses of an assault at this distance from our base. Cars now come to our very front camps. All well. There are troops enough in Kentucky to manage Morgan, and in Tennessee to watch Forest, should he make his appearance, as Johnston doubtless calculates.

W. T. SHERMAN, Major-General

I congratulate Governor Johnson

In the Field, Big Shanty, June 13, 1864

Governor ANDREW JOHNSON, Nashville:

My congratulations on your nomination.

I think it will simplify matters and insure the responsibility of agents, if you will turn over the management of the Northwestern road to Mr. Anderson, and the guarding and protecting it to General Rousseau. I am informed the road is now done, and it will soon be needed to the full extent of its capacity. I have no doubt the enemy contemplated that Forrest should enter Tennessee about Florence, at the same time that Morgan Slipped into Kentucky. It would be well for Gillem to be on the qui vive about Lamb’s Ferry’ but I think the late rains have rendered the passage of the Tennessee difficult, and Forrest is occupied elsewhere.

W. T. SHERMAN, Major-General

Schofield has pushed one line of the enemy back to their main line. It is too wet to move artillery and do much more. We are building fortifications and roads to make ready.

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