Tuesday, June 7, 1864

ACWORTH, Georgia, June 7, 1864: 6.30 p.m.

Major General H. W. HALLECK, Washington, D. C.:

I have been to Allatoona Pass, and I find it admirable for our purposes. It is the gate through the last, or most eastern, spur of the Alleghanies. It now becomes as useful to us as it was to the enemy, being easily defended from either direction. My left (General McPherson) now lies on the railroad in front of Acworth, seven miles southeast of Allatoona; center (General Thomas) three miles south, on main Marietta road; and right (General Schofield) two miles farther, a little refused.

The cars now come to the Etowah River and we have sent back to replenish our supplies for a ten-days’ move, to commence on Thursday, the 9th instant. Colonel Wright reports it will take him ten days, of which eight yet remain, to have cars come to Acworth. General Blair was at Kingston last night, and will be across the Etowah tonight, and will be up with us tomorrow. We have three pontoon bridges at Etowah. I will leave a brigade in the pass covering the bridge and its eastern debouch, and have sent Captain Poe, U. S. Engineers, to lay out the work. The roads here into Georgia are large and good, and the country more open. The enemy is not in our immediate front, but his signals are seen on Lost Mountain and Kenesaw.

I have had the cavalry at Allatoona Pass to get forage, but on the 9th will bring it forward. Colonel Long’s brigade is with Blair, and will re-enforce our cavalry by 2,000 horses. I send you by mail today copies of my orders up to date, with Atlanta papers of the 5th.

W. T. SHERMAN, Major-General, Commanding

The enemy is fortifying Lost Mountain. Batteries upon or near the summit and exterior lines are distinctly visible. Johnston intends to make a stand at Kenesaw.

The enemy has iron works that I have ordered destroyed so that they will be of no use in supplying war material to our enemy.

In the Field, Acworth, June 7, 1864.
General GARRARD, Etowah Bridge:

Send a party to the iron-works north of the Etowah and destroy them root and branch. Colonel Long will be up by to-morrow morning. Be all ready for motion by Thursday. Leave your dismounted men and lame animals at the bridge where General Blair will leave a regiment of infantry. I am going to Allatoona this morning. Send me a field return of your force this evening. A redoubt will be built at some point near the bridge, to be selected by Captain Poe, U. S. Engineers, to-day or to-morrow. I suppose a point near the bridge and south of it will fulfill the conditions best.

W. T. SHERMAN, Major-General, Commanding

I will garrison Rome with a small force only behind strong fortifications. I only want to deny the enemy the use of Rome. I have also ordered the planks of the bridges across the Etowah at Kingston taken up and trees felled to block the fords across the river. The bridge and the fords will be guarded by cavalry to prevent attacks on my rear.

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