Tuesday, May 31, 1864


In the Field, Near Dallas, Georgia, May 31, 1864

In order to secure the rapid and efficient co-working of the topographical engineer department of the army in the field, and to avoid making surveys of any road by more than one officer, the following system will be adopted:

I. No topographical engineer shall be employed as an aide-de-camp or in any other duty than in making purely military surveys. The selection of camps, location of picket-lines, and repairs of roads are not to be imposed on them, but on quartermasters and other staff officer.

II. On a march they will survey the route of their commands. When the army comes to a permanent or temporary halt, they will report in person to the chief engineer of their respective departments and make such special field surveys as may be assigned them, at all times complying with his orders and instructions. Their surveys will then be compiled, and maps will be sent to their chiefs, who will cause them to be consolidated and issued from time to time as the exigence of the campaign will permit.

III. All corps, division and brigade commanders will assist their topographical engineers to work in harmony and for the benefit of the whole army, and thus secure the data from which to compile, at the earliest possible moment, maps which are indispensably necessary in military movements, as in this manner only can all general officers receive the benefit of all military surveys.

By order of Major General W. T. Sherman

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