Thursday, May 26, 1864

Near Dallas, Georgia

Davis is nearby with his division from Rome and Palmer here as well. Davis should support McPherson, and one of Palmer’s divisions should be up at the field hospital, about half a mile to the rear of my headquarters, where a road to Dallas crosses on road at right angles, the same by which General Butterfield came up. I have sent two divisions of Schofield’s to Howard’s left, ordering them to make a new road about seven miles north of this. I have personally reconnoitered it in part. Wood is still moving up. Hooker reports the enemy moving troops to our right.

The enemy is massed in our front behind breastworks. The woods makes it difficult to see and we progress slowly. I had hoped that McPherson would attack the left of their line. I have heard no sounds of battle from that direction. Corse finally reported that McPherson too far west to connect with Hooker. Davis’ division is to fill that gap. I have personally reconnoitered the ground and am satisfied that the enemy hold by hastily constructed rifle-pits the line of a creek, which is a branch of Pumpkin Vine and parallel with it. McPherson’s direction in the morning will be substantially down that creek, whilst Howard’s and Cox’s will be up it. We find no trouble in fording it. The valley seems cleared and cultivated. Hardee’s corps is evidently in his front in a line extending in a southwest direction from New Hope Church and stretching across the Marietta road.

McCook struck a column in flank about five miles northeast of this p.m., broke it in two, and at night was pressing the fraction toward Acworth. He reported quite a fight and the capture of 52 prisoners. Our skirmishing today has been comparatively harmless. I doubt if we find the enemy tomorrow.

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