Tuesday, April 26, 1864

Nashville, Tennessee

Sawyer issued General Orders No. 10 governing the camp at Nashville:

General Orders, No. 10.
Headquarters, Military Division of the Mississippi, Nashville, Tennessee April 26, 1864

I. There will be established, at or near Nashville, one or more
camps of instruction, in which will be collected all regiments arriving from the rear which are not assigned to any one of the departments or armies in the field, all detachments or individuals who have got astray from their commands, and all convalescents discharged rom hospitals. These camps will be under the general supervision of the commanding officer of the District of Nashville, who will assign to each a general officer, who will be instructed to organize and equip for service all such regiments and detachments and subject them to a thorough system of instruction in the drill and guard duties.

II. All officers, regiments, and detachments belonging to any of
the established departments will, without further orders, be sent
with dispatch to their proper posts; but such as are not thus provided for will be held in reserve at Nashville to re-enforce any part of the lines of communication to the front, and subject to orders from these headquarters.

III. Soldiers’ homes are merely designed for the accommodation of men in transit; and when delayed from any cause, the men will be sent to the camp of instruction. Officers and men also in and about Nashville awaiting orders will be sent to the camp of instruction.

IV. Maj. Gen. Carl Schurz is assigned to the command of one of these camps, and will report to Major-General Rousseau for further instructions.

V. Patrols will, from time to time, be sent to collect men and officers who are in Nashville without proper authority. All who are
not in possession.of written orders that warrant their presence in
Nashville will be arrested and taken to the camp of instruction,
where they will be put on duty till forwarded, under guard or other
wise, to their proper posts.

VI. In time of war leaves of absence can only be granted, and
that for limited periods, by commanders of separate armies or
departments. Subordinate commanders cannot send officers or men
away without such sanction; and therefore the numerous shifts of
that kind will be treated as void.

VII. Staff departments, on proper requisitions approved by General Rousseau, will issue the provisions, camp and garrison equipage,
arms, and accouterments necessary to carry into effect these orders.

By order of Maj. Gen. W. T. Sherman:
R. M. SAWYER, Assistant Adjutant-General

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