April 2, 1864

Nashville, Tennessee

Cypher telegraph-Nashville Tennessee April 2, 1864
Lt. General U. S. Grant, Washington D.C.

After a full consultation with all my Army Commanders I have settled down to the following Conclusions to which I would like to have the President’s Consent before I make orders.

1st. Army of the Ohio. Three Divisions of Infantry to be styled the 23rd Corps, Major General Schofield in Command. One Division of Cavalry, Major General Stoneman, to push Longstreet’s forces well out of the Valley, then fall back breaking Railroad to Knoxville & to hold Knoxville & London & be ready by May 1. with 12,000 men to act as the Left of the Grand Army.

2nd. General Thomas to organize his Army into three Corps. The 11th and 12th to be United under Major General Hooker to be composed of four Divisions. The Corps to take a new title, viz., one of the Series now vacant. General Slocum to be transferred East, or assigned to Some local Command on the Mississippi.
The 4th Corps, Granger’s, to remain unchanged, save to place General Howard in Command.
The 14th Corps to remain the Same. General Palmer is not equal to such a Command, and all parties are willing that General Buell or any tried Soldier should be assigned.
Thomas to guard the Lines of communication, and have by May 1 a Command of 45,000 men for active service, to constitute the Center.

3rd. General McPherson to draw from the Mississippi the Divisions of Crocker & Leggett now en route, mostly of veterans on furlough, and of A. J. Smith now up Red River, but due on the 10th instant out of that Expedition, and to organize a force of 30,000 men to operate from Larkinville or Guntersville as the Right of the Grand Army. His Corps to be commanded by Logan, Frank Blair and Dodge. Hurlbut will not resign and I know no better disposition of him than to leave him at Memphis.
I propose to put Newton when he comes at Vicksburg.

With these changes this army will be a unit in all respects, and I can suggest no better. I ask the President to consent and ask what title I shall give the New Corps of Hooker, in place of this 11th and 12th consolidated. The lowest number of the Army Corps now vacant will be most appropriate.

I will from the Cavalry of the Dept. of the Ohio reorganize under Stoneman at or near Camp Nelson, and the Cavalry of Thomas at least one Good Division under Garrard at Columbia.

W. T. Sherman, Major General

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