Wednesday, March 30, 1864

Knoxville, Tennessee
Forrest is still at Mayfield and a small party was responsible for the attack on the railroad. The small party is being vigorously pursued. As long as Forrest is in West Tennessee, he can not interfere with our offensive.

Louisville, March 30, 1864

Major R. M. Sawyer, Assistant Adjutant-General, Nashville:

The rebel squad which captured train on Lebanon road was very small, probably not over 15. I think they were merely returned rebel soldiers organized in the State. They are pursued by several detachments. One of Forrest’s men gave himself up to part of my command scouting toward Eddyville. He says Forrest started from Demopolis on February 28 with 15,000 men; part went, toward Mempnis, part into Middle Tennessee, and the balance about 4,000. went with Forrest to Paducah; that they were poorly clad and mounted, but well armed; that those who crossed the Cumberland were furloughed for six days, with orders to report at Mayfield. Reports indicate that the number that crossed will not exceed 100, and my mounted men are hunting them.

S. G. BURBRIDGE, Brigadier General

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