Sunday, March 27, 1864

Huntsville, Alabama

I don’t want Forrest to come east. I sent the following orders via Sawyer:

Huntsville, March 27, 1864.

Major Sawyer :Assistant Adjutant-General:

Notify General Rousseau that General Veatch is moving up the Tennessee, and to communicate with him if possible at Fort Henry to strengthen Fort Donelson, so that there can be no possibility of Forrest’s crossing the Cumberland. Try and get order to the commanding officer at Cairo and Columbus, as also to Generals Veatch and Hurlbut, that after being certain that Forrest cannot cross the Tennessee and Cumberland, Veatch should push rapidly to Savannah and move to Purdy to cut off his retreat. Grierson should follow Forrest as closely as possible all the time.

W. T. SHERMAN, Major-General

Sawyer replied:

Nashville, March 27, 1864

General Sherman (Care General Thomas, Chattanooga):

On receipt of your first telegram this afternoon, I telegraphed orders to General Veatch by way of Paducah, with instructions to commanding officer at Paducah to forward this dispatch. General Rousseau sent 500 cavalry and a battery to Fort Donelson this morning, and will communicate with Veatch if possible. I telegraphed order to General Hurlbut relative to Grierson, not kuowing how to reach him in any other way. Am I right ? I will again telegraph to Generals Veatch and Bravman as you direct.

R. M. SAWYER, Assistant Adjutant-General

I clarified my orders to Brayman:

Nashville, Tennessee, March 27, 18G4.
Brigadier-General Brayman, Columbus:

The general sees no necessity to re-enforce Columbus if Hicks beat off Forrest with 400 men. He wants General Veatch to cut off his retreat by landing at Savannah and going to Purdy and the Hatchie. I have telegraphed Veatch by way of Paducah. If you can get communication with him please do so. and notify him U> this effect. The general also wants Grierson to follow Forrest and attack him at all hazards, and follow him as long as possible. If you can get this word to him please do so.

By order of Major-General Sherman :
R. M. SAWYER, Assistant Adjutant-General

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