Saturday, March 26, 1864

Scottsboro, Alabama

I received this dispatch from Cairo:

Cairo, March 26, 1864—5.30 p. m. Maj. Gen. W. T. Sherman :
A desperate battle and victory at Paducah. Rebels took the town and we destroyed it from the fort and gun boats. The enemy lost heavily, including 300 men and General A. P. Thompson killed. Our loss was probably 100 in all. The enemy now making for Columbus; are expected tonight. We shall be ready. I am urging General Veatch, who is at Paducah, to send back three regiments. I think you would send him. Forrest, Faulkner, and Richardson are combined for a desperate effort upon our wire communications and supplies. I do not expect disaster, but the danger is great.

M. BRAYMAN, Brigadier-General, Commanding

I received the following telegraph from General Grant:

To General Sherman Nashville, And Commanding Officer, Memphis:

Forest should not be allowed to get out of the trap he has placed Himself in at Paducah. Send Grierson with all your Cavalry with orders to find and destroy him where ever found. If General Sherman has sent instructions they will govern.

U. S. Grant Lt General

I replied to Grant:

Scottsboro, Alabama

Your despatch read. I had already ordered Veach with five (5) Regiments who was at Paducah last night to hurry up the Tennessee and strike inland to intercept Forrest. Also that Grierson should follow and attack Forrest no matter what the odds. I have with McPherson been examining our bridges at Decatur & Larkins. Tonight I go to Chatanooga, and tomorrow to Knoxville. I will be at Nashville in three days with a full knowledge of all matters pertaining to this army.

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