Monday, March 28, 1864

Chattanooga, Tennessee

I have given orders as to Forrest which if executed with energy and rapidity should result in the dispersion or destruction of his forces.

I reported to General Grant:

Chattanooga, March 28, 1804—12 p. m.

Lieutenant-General Grant:

Forrest is reported to have crossed the Tennessee eastward at Eddyville. I do not believe it, but I have ordered him to be pursued from all points, and if done I have no doubt his force will be broken up and destroyed. I wish you would as soon as possible name the generals and staff officers to be assigned to me. I can place them better now than at a later period.

General Granger has notified me that he has a sixty days leave from the War Department, of which he proposes to avail himself now. and that he is willing to give up his corps. I would therefore ask that a new corps commander be appointed for the Fourth Corps. I will go up to Knoxville tomorrow to see General Schofield, after which I can complete the organization and distribution of the whole command.

The enemy to our front and up the Tennessee seems inactive, and I have no apprehension of any movement into East Kentucky. As soon as our furloughed men are back will be ready to test them on their own ground. General McPherson and I have inspected the whole line from Decatur to Chattanooga, and have settled down to the conclusion that Decatur and Guntersville are the true offensive points on the Tennessee. General McPherson returns to Huntsville tonight.

W. T. SHERMAN, Major-General

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