Wednesday, March 23, 1864

Louisville, Kentucky

I stayed overnight in Louisville and am now on my way to Nashville. Dodge has outfitted a special rail car to serve as a traveling office. We can conference and send and receive telegrams. I will use the car to visit my commands.

Nashville, Tennesee

Sawyer received message from General Dodge. His spies note that Forrest is on the move.

Athens, March 23, 1864. Maj. R. M. Sawyer,
Assistant Adjutant-General, Nashville:

Forrest is undoubtedly crossing the river between Eastport and Tuscumbia. I have a battalion of cavalry in neighborhood of Florence and a regiment of mounted infantry toward Eastport. If Forrest’s intention is to strike the railroad, Garrard’s division of cavalry should be prepared to meet him before he can reach the road.

G. M. DODGE, Brigadier-General

Athens, March 23,1864, Maj. R. M. Sawyer.
Assistant Adjutant-General, Nashville:

I think that Forrest has gone north into West Tennessee, and his troops that came into the valley were used as a feint. He passed Corinth Wednesday last.

G. M. DODGE, Brigadier-General

I sent a message to warn the command at Cairo:

COMMANDING OFFICER, Cairo. Illinois.: .*

Have troops at Columbus. Paducah, and Union City warned that Forrest is coming up with his cavalry. I am willing he should be up in that neighborhood. If the people don’t manifest friendship, don’t divert any troops bound up the Tennessee on that account.

W. T. SHERMAN, Major-General

I received a reply from Brayman:

Cairo, March 23,1864

Major General W. T. Sherman:

General McPherson left here for Nashville at noon yesterday, the 22d. General Veatch has not returned from Indiana. His command is here. I will start them and telegraph him.

M. BRAYMAN, Brigadier- General

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