Saturday, February 27, 1864

Canton, Mississippi

We have learned that the enemy has left a large supply of corn meal, more than enough to feed the population. I have ordered General Hurlbut to confiscate it to prevent it from aiding the enemy.


Numbers 1. 
Canton, Mississippi, February 27, 1864

It being reported to the general commanding that a large quantity of corn meal is or has lately been, in Canton, a leave of 15,000 pounds of corn meal is made upon the town, which must be delivered by 2 p.m., February 28, to Captain J. J. Palmer, chief commissary or information given as to where it has been run and stored. The civil authorities ad property of the city are held responsible for full and prompt compliance with this order.

By order of Major General S. A. Hurlbut:
T. H. HARRIS, Assistant Adjutant-General

To keep the enemy out of Mississippi, we must destroy the ability to supply troops, I have put the task of destroying the railroads in Canton to McPherson. He issued the following orders:


Numbers 23. 
Canton, Mississippi, February 27, 1864

I. To Brigadier-General Chambers, commanding Third Brigade, First Division, is assigned the duty of destroying the railroad, locomotives, machinery, &c., within the limits of the town of Canton.

II. To Brigadier-General Leggett, commanding Third Division is assigned the duty of destroying the railroad to the extent of 9 miles, commencing 1 mile north of the town of Canton. The rails are to be torn up, piled upon the ties, and effectually burned, as heretofore ordered.

III. Brigadier-General Crocker, commanding Fourth Division, and Brigadier-General Leggett, commanding Third Division, will reserve from the captured stock of their respective divisions 150 serviceable animals, including those already in service of the foraging parties. These animals will be mounted and will be employed in foraging for their respective divisions, in accordance with existing orders.

IV. The pioneer corps of the Fourth Division, under charge of Captain Merritt is assigned to duty destroying the locomotives, machinery, and railroad within the limits of the town of Canton, and will report to Brigadier-General Chambers for specific instructions.

V. Every corn mill in the vicinity of the respective divisions will immediately be put in requisition to supply the command with corn meal.

By order of Major General J. B. McPherson:
WM. T. CLARK, Assistant Adjutant-General

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