Monday, January 25, 1864

Memphis, Tennessee

The banquet, thrown by the town in my honor was really a fine affair. The hall of the Gayoso was crammed and the utmost harmony prevailed. Every thing passed off well. My remarks were vehemently applauded. The point which may be wrongly conceived was this. As the South resorted to war, we accepted it, and as they fought for slaves and States Rights they could not blame us if they lost both as the result of the war. That they the South prided themselves on high grounds of honor I was willing to take issue, adopting their own Rules, or those of the most fashionable clubs of Paris, London, New Orleans and Paris. If a member goes into an election he must abide the result or be blackballed or put in Coventry. Now as the Southern People went into the Presidential Election they as honorable men were bound to abide the result.

I also described the mode & manner of seizure of the Garrison & arsenal at Baton Rouge & pronounced that a breach of soldierly honor, and the firing on boats from behind a cotton wood tree. People at the North may not feel the weight of these points but I know the South so well that I know what I said will be gall & wormwood to Some but it will make others think.

Several real old Southerners met me and confessed their cause would be recorded in History as I put it. I was not aware of the hold I had on the People till I was there this time. Hurlbut did not mingle with them & was difficult of access, and everytime 1 went into a theatre or public assemblage there was a storm of applause. 1 endeavored to avoid it as much as possible, but it was always so good natured that I could not repel it. If I succeed in my present blow I would not be surprised if Mississipi would be as Tennessee, but I do not allow myself to be deceived. The Old Regime is not yet dead, and they will fight for their old privileges yet.

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