Thursday, January 21, 1864

Memphis, Tennessee

Yesterday, I issued orders to create a citizen’s defense of Memphis.


No. 6. Memphis, January 20, 1864

I. The commanding officer at Memphis may organize the loyal citizens of Memphis into a brigade of four regiments for home or local defense and may issue to them arms, accouterments, ammunition, and undress uniforms, to be receipted for and security given for their safe return to the proper authorities on the order of the commanding officer of the post.

II. The quartermaster may set apart and dedicate to the use of these regiments as armories or places of rendezvous suitable buildings, such as cotton-sheds, one to each regiment, said buildings to be of those already in the possession of the United States by reason of abandonment by disloyal owners. One to be at or near the navy-yard, tow to be at or near the railroad depot, and the fourth to be at or near Fort Picketing, and the quartermaster may expend any materials now on hand to adapt these buildings to the uses named, viz, armories for the home guards.

III. The troops organized under this order shall be exempt from conscription under department orders (but liable, or course, to the laws of the United States), unless by neglect of duty they render themselves liable to expulsion from their regiment of command. They will take the oath of allegiance required by law and sign a written agreement to do such local guard duty, drills, and defense of the city as may be required of them by the post commander and the brigade commander he may appoint over them, subject to approval of these department headquarters.

IV. The quartermaster and ordnance officer at Memphis will make the necessary issues under this order on the requisition of the colonels of regiments with a bond attached, all to be approved by the commander.

By order of Major General W. T. Sherman:

L. M. DAYTON, Aide-de-Camp

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