Monday, January 18, 1864

Gun Boat Silver Cloud from Vicksburg to Memphis

I am returning to Memphis. I have asked the Navy to patrol up the Yazoo to threaten any enemy that might venture into that area while we are on the march.

Gun-boat Silver Cloud, January 18, 1864
Captain E. K. OWEN, Commanding Division of the Mississippi Squadron, Skipwith’s Landing:

I have instructed General McPherson to occupy Haynes’ Bluff in some force, and to send a couple of regiments in transports up the Yazoo to reconnoiter and threaten the enemy, who may be anywhere between the main land east of Yazoo and the Mississippi River.

I would obliged if you send a light-draught to Vicksburg within the next five days, to report to General McPherson, to cover the move I have named. I am certain that the Mississippi can be more safety guarded from the east by an occasional trip up the Yazoo, if possible as far as Greenwood.

I am en route for Memphis and will soon return, and will attempt a movement that will, I trust, have a permanent effect on the movements of the enemy, and especially so far as heavy masses with artillery are concerned.

I am, with great respect, yours truly,
W. T. SHERMAN, Major-General, Commanding Department

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