Wednesday, November 25, 1863

Chattanooga, Tennessee

We are on the tall hill overlooking Missionary Ridge where the enemy is strongly entrenched. General Grant ordered an attack at dawn. At first light, I sent out a skirmish line. The enemy position is a strong one and it is not possible to mass large numbers of troops against it. At 10:30, Lightburn’s cannons tried to soften the enemy lines for Corse’s brigade to take the enemy position. The approach was too narrow and Corse was repeatedly repulsed. During the battle, Corse was wounded and carried from the field. We fought throughout the day unable to turn the enemy position or to mass sufficient troops in front. The day ended with stalemate.

Just before dark, Thomas’ troops mounted an attack up the face of Missionary Ridge. They overwhelmed the defenders and chased them down the East side of the ridge. The loss of this battle forced Bragg and his army to retreat. The enemy is still in my front.

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