Monday, November 23, 1863

Chattanooga, Tennessee

John Smith and Morgan Smith are now across the pontoon bridge at Brown’s Ferry. Hugh Ewing’s brigade is crossing today. The rain has swollen the river and slowed the crossing. The bridge is rickety and in danger of being washed away. We are hurrying as fast as we can, but conditions are poor. Tomorrow, I will cross the Tennessee again on pontoon bridges to attack the North end of Missionary Ridge. I am staging my troops in position to cross rapidly in the woods North of town. Hugh Ewing’s brigade will join the rest as they cross at Brown’s Ferry. General Osterhaus’ Division will not be available for this attack. They will not be able to cross at Brown’s Ferry in time.

Today Grant ordered the Army of the Cumberland forward to seize Orchard Knob in front of Missionary Ridge. The troops carried the position handsomely and drove the enemy back. I will start my movement across the river at midnight tonight.

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