Friday, November 20, 1863

Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Ewing’s division has been at Trenton, reconnoitering the situation and making noise as if to flank Bragg to the South. I have recalled him to march North and cross the River at Brown’s ferry. One brigade of John Smith’s Division has crossed the bridge at Brown’s Ferry but the rest of his division is strung out for 6 miles in Lookout Valley. The march has been slowed by cold rainy weather and muddy roads. General Grant had ordered the attack tomorrow but my troops will not be in position.

My supplies continue to arrive up the Tennessee River.

ON BOARD GUN-BOAT HASTINGS, November 20, 1863-7.30 a.m.
Major-General SHERMAN, Commanding Army of the Tennessee:

GENERAL: Captain Phelps arrived with a fleet about three-quarters of an hour since. His boat is lying at the place we landed below Waterloo on Monday. Being on the opposite side of the river I cold not send you a message sooner. Four loads have been passed over since I have been on the boat. The great difficulty lies in the staging, and also from having to pull every wagon up the hill by mules.

Very respectfully,

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