Sunday, November 15, 1863

Chattanooga, Tennessee
The boat from Bridgeport reached Kelly’s Ford today. General Grant had horses waiting for me and my staff. We rode the 8 miles into Chattanooga and arrived late in the day. Grant was pleased to see me, offered me a cigar and pointed to a rocker saying, “Take the chair of Honor.”
“Oh No. That chair belongs to you general,” I replied.
Grant joked, “I don’t forget to give proper respect to age.”
With that, I had to accept and we all sat down to discuss the situation at Chattanooga.

That night, I received the following dispatch from Sawyer:

BRIDGEPORT, November 15, 1863-10.30 p.m.

Major-General SHERMAN:

Dispatches dated the 14th have just arrived from General Blair by courier from Stevenson. His advance, under General Morgan L. Smith, camped last night 3 miles east of Larkinsville and 9 west of Bellefonte. General Blair with General Giles A. Smith was at Larkinsville last night, and General Woods, with First Division, at Paint Rock Creek. All in good spirits, and will move forward rapidly. Dispatches, dated Pulaski, November 11, also received from General Dodge. He was about placing his largest brigade at Prospect, with one regiment mounted infantry at Athens, two brigades at Pulaski, and one at or near Reynolds.

R. M. SAWYER, Assistant Adjutant-General

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