Tuesday, September 22, 1863

Rosecrans has run into trouble near Chattanooga. We have received a request from General Halleck to send troops to Chattanooga immediately. My family must be packed up and moved back to Ohio. I will move my troops into Vicksburg as soon as I can.

VICKSBURG, September 22, 1863
Major General WILLIAM T. SHERMAN, Commanding Fifteenth Army Corps:

The following dispatch is just received:

WASHINGTON CITY, September 15, 1863 5 p.m. Received 4 p.m., 18th.


All the troops that can possibly be spared in Western Tennessee and on the Mississippi River should be sent without delay to assist General Rosecrans on the Tennessee River. Urge Sherman to act with all possible promptness. If you have boats, send them down to bring up his troops. Information just received indicates that a part of Lee’s army has been sent to re-enforce Bragg.

H. W. HALLECK, General-in-Chief

Please order at once one division of your army corps to proceed to re-enforce Rosecrans, moving from here by brigades as fast as transportation can be had. Orders have been given to detain all steamers available for such purpose. McPherson will send one division.

By order of Major-General Grant:

JNumbers A. RAWLINS, Brigadier-General, and Acting Assistant Adjutant-General

General Grant sent the following reply to General Halleck:

September 22, 1863-10.30 a.m. (Received, 12.40 a.m., 29th.)

Major General H. W. HALLECK, General-in-Chief:

Your dispatch to Major-General Hurlbut of the 15th instant, directing re-enforcements to be sent Major-General Rosecrans, is just received. I have ordered two divisions from here, one from each the Fifteenth and Seventeenth Army Corps. The one from the Seventeenth Army Corps is already on steamboats between Vicksburg and Helena, having been previously ordered to Steele. Hurlbut should be able to send one full division, if not two, besides the troops that may return from the expedition against Little Rock, and I have so directed. General Banks has asked for another division. This, of course, I cannot send him, in view of what you require for Rosecrans. Should more troops be required from here for Rosecrans, there is sufficient time for orders to reach before transportation can be had. An army corps commander will be sent in command of all troops from here.

U. S. GRANT, Major-General, Commanding

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