Wednesday, August 12, 1863

I am sending a thousand Cavalry up to Grenada with orders to work up to Memphis or Grand Junction where there are a fine lot of cars & Locomotives we have cut off from the Southern Roads by the destruction of the Mississippi Central, & the Great Southern Road. Two years hence, the destruction of these Roads will be more appreciated than now. Our Enemy can no longer run parallel with the River to counteract our plots. One or two minor blows at Harrisonburg & Monroe on the Washita River and the capture of Little Rock from Missouri (which should have been made last winter) and the Valley of the Mississippi with a hundred miles on each side will be substantially in our military control.

Looking to the Past year, I feel somewhat amazed to find how truly we have acted on the real strategic points Entre nous. Luck has favored us, and considerable mismanagement on the part of our Enemy, but on the whole our whole campaign will bear examination.

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