Thursday, July 30, 1863

I wrote to General Parke:

JULY 30, 1863
General PARKE:

I was in hopes to meet you at Vicksburg, but you left the day before I got in. My corps is encamped on beautiful ground about 2 miles back of the railroad and Messinger’s bridges, with fine shade and plenty of water. I want to recruit and reorganize here, ready for the fall campaign. I trust we may meet again about Atlanta in October; we by way of the Alabama River and you by Chattanooga. I may not have done justice in my oral and written expressions to my feelings toward you and your corps. Be kind enough to assure all of my hearty respect. When you see Burnside, give him my love. Tell him for me that we are armed against all the enemies to law and Government; that we fire upon the secessionist of the South, the autocrat of the North, and the anarchist everywhere. If another Vallandigham arises, let him be banished to that land from which there is no appeal on earth. Our Government must govern, and not be ruled by every agitator of the hour.


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