Tuesday, July 28, 1863

The Confederate wounded in Raymond are in need of medicines.
Vicksburg, MISSISSIPPI, July 28, 1863

General SHERMAN:

The Confederates at Raymond have sent in for medicines and provisions for their sick left there, about a hundred and FIFTY in number. Having stripped the country thereabouts, of course we can do no less than supply them, but they have brought no teams. The country having been stripped of them also, I will have to call on you to forward these things from Big Black as soon as I can get them there, and if you have captured teams and carriages, you may send them there in place of our own and they need not be returned.


General Grant will let me choose to stay here or go to Natchez. I prefer to stay here.

Vicksburg, MISSISSIPPI, July 28, 1863

General SHERMAN:

It will be ten days or more before transportation can be provided to move troops to Natchez. Ord is now here, and could be sent off at any time. You can take your choice between staying where you are and going below.


I have responded to Grant’s offer:

HDQRS. Fifteenth ARMY CORPS, July 28, 1863

Major-General GRANT, Vicksburg:

Under the circumstances I think Ord ought to be sent. My corps is now in good, healthy camps, convenient for instruction or service. I prefer to remain here to going to Natchez. I think Harrisonburg should be attacked at once. The road from Natchez is good, distance not to exceed 45 miles, and it is near the confluence of Washita, Tensas, and Bayou Macon, but it can be done by a detachment from here or Natchez, as you may prefer.

Dispatch received. I will await your report.


I received this Circular from General Grant:

Vicksburg, MISSISSIPPI, July 28, 1863

GENERAL: As this army will probably be inactive for a short time, and the general commanding knowing that it is almost absolutely necessary that many volunteer officers be permitted to visit their homes for a short time, he has determined to grant leaves of absence to meritorious officers, under section 31 of act of Congress approved March 3, 1863.

One field officer at least for each regiment and one company officer to each company must remain with their command.

No leaves of absence, however, will be granted under this act unless the approval of the corps commander is indorsed on the application.

By order of Major General U. S. Grant:
T. S. BOWERS, Acting Assistant Adjutant-General

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