Thursday, July 16, 1863

I think we are doing well out here but won’t brag til Johnston clears out. If he moves across the Pearl RIver and makes good speed, I will let him go. By flag of truce, I sent him our newspapers. That with our cannon tonight will disturb his slumbers.

My infantry repulsed Johnston’s cavarly attack on my ammunition train at Clinton. Tonight I will shell them so they must attack us or leave. I sent this message to General Parke on how to proceed.

Major General J. G. PARKE, Commanding NINTH Army Corps:

GENERAL: Yours of this date is received. I think it best you require your skirmishers to force the enemy to keep to their entrenchments. It has a good moral effect. I hear of our trains at Clinton. I sent a brigade there last night, and this morning, on our wire being cut, and hearing evidence of the appearance of that cavalry force at Clinton, I ordered McArthur back. The cavalry, 1,500 strong, attacked Clinton at 10 a. m., and were handsomely repulsed. General McArthur will forward the train, and I want to be ready to give the enemy a good-night dose. General Steele will send you a wagon-load of spades and shovels. Get everything ready for a good cannonading tonight, and I will send the ammunition as soon as received.


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