Sunday, July 12, 1863

Jackson, Mississipi

Jackson is invested and surrounded. I control all the avenues out of Jackson west of the Pearl River. The major threat to my position is attack on our supply trains. I have sent regiments to guard them against attack by enemy cavalry that I understand are operating on the West side of the River. I will shell Jackson and force Johnston to retreat. We will work our way across the River and into his rear and cut off his line of retreat if he does not quit Jackson. I sent the following orders:

Near Jackson, Mississippi. July 12, 1863

I. Lieutenant Colonel J. Condit Smith, chief quartermaster, will dispatch the supply train to Black River Bridge to report to General McArthur, commanding at that point, to await there orders for further supplies. The train will be escorted in by Colonel William Hall’s regiment, of General McArthur’s DIVISION, and another, regiment, to be detailed by General Steele.

II. General Steele will detail a regiment to escort this train to a point 5 miles WEST of Clinton, where it will encamp for the night, and return next day, unless its commander learns by the way some reasons why he should protect it further. The train will be made up tonight where it is now parked,
one-half mile WEST of these headquarters, and start before daylight.

III. Corps commanders will avail themselves of this opportunity to send to Vicksburg such wounded and sick men as can bear transportation in these empty wagons; also all the worthless baggage and trash that now encumber the regimental wagons retained in their camps. The inspector-general, Lieutenant Colonel Charles Ewing, will turn over to Colonel Hall all the prisoners of war in charge of the guard, to be delivered to General McArthur, for transportation to Vicksburg. Proper descriptive lists must accompany these prisoners, and a copy sent to General Grant’s provost-marshal.

IV. Corps commanders should send forthwith to these headquarters requisitions for all ordnance stores, quartermaster’s stores, and tools they require to be brought out by the next train.

By order of Major General W. T. Sherman
R. M. SAWYER, Assistant Adjutant-General

The surrendered troops have left Vicksburg and some are attempting to pass through our lines on the road to Jackson. I have given orders to prevent this. I will not allow these men to join the forces of General Johnston.

Corps commanders will at once send guards on the roads to their rear, at least 3 miles out, to prevent and warn all paroled prisoners coming from Vicksburg from coming within the lines of this army or attempting to get into Jackson.

By order of Major General W. T. Sherman
R. M. SAWYER, Assistant Adjutant-General

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