Tuesday, July 7, 1863

General Parke has been delayed in arriving. I am thus postponing our movement forward:

near Bolton, MISS., July 7, 1863.

In consequence of the non-arrival of the NINTH Army Corps, the movement on Clinton for tomorrow will be postponed. The Thirteenth Army Corps, General Ord, will hold the ground to the south of the railroad, and General Steele, with the Fifteenth Army Corps, that to the north, connecting at the bridge at Bolton. Each corps commander will picket strong to the front and exposed flank.

Colonel Bussey, chief of cavalry, will early in the morning move directly to the front, threatening Clinton. If no enemy is encountered, he will move to the north, to the upper Jackson road, make a circuit toward Brownsville, and return to camp.

Corps commanders will arrange their troops by DIVISION, brigades, and regiments, direct proper roll-calls, and see that their men are kept in camp. All must be prepared to move or engage an enemy on the shortest notice.

By order of Major General W. T. Sherman:
R. M. SAWYER, Assistant Adjutant-General

General Parke is 6 miles Northwest of Bolton and has been fighting skirmishers all day.
Fullerton’s cavalry has fought enemy cavalry at Baker’s creek, near the bridge. They will camp there tonight.
The weather has be extremely hot. Tonight we had powerful thunderstorms that blew down trees.
I still do not know the location of Joe Johnston’s army.

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